The Glenn Leonard Workout is a BOXING-BASED ONE-ON-ONE INTERVAL TRAINING program best described as "50 MINUTES OF FUN." From the most competitive 20-something, to the Baby Boomer who just wants to stay a step ahead, my workout has a little something for everyone, and no experience is necessary. Over 25 YEARS OF TWEAKS AND TECHNIQUES will allow you to experience the most comprehensive calorie burning program anywhere. A program that works every muscle in your body, while ENHANCING YOUR SELF ESTEEM AND OUTLOOK ON LIFE. My workout, as I like to say, "gets the arrow pointing in the right direction." 

WITH OVER 60 DIFFERENT WORKOUTS, AND 30+ DRILLS interwoven into those workouts, you will rarely do the same workout twice. With the myriad of options at my disposal, from beginning to end YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S COMING NEXT. In doing so, my workout helps you both PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY. I also realize many of us have physical restrictions. Sore elbow? We got ya covered. A little hitch in your giddyup? We can adapt to that too. In other words, no matter the issue, WE CAN ADAPT THE WORKOUT TO COMPENSATE FOR ANY PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. We also have some "FRIENDLY COMPETITIONS" so that you can measure your skills against fellow members.

One of my best assets is knowing how much a person can handle. I WILL PUSH YOU BUT NEVER TOO FAR. Oh, and fair warning, sarcasm is my middle name. Having a few laughs during the workout isn't unusual (and it works the abs!). My FIRST SESSION IS FREE, so you have nothing to lose. I ALSO DO PAIRS, so if you want to bring a friend to join in on the fun, feel free (same rates apply). Finally, don't let the word "boxing" intimidate you. A quick look at my video's will show that anyone can do this, and quite well at that!

Our speed bag challenge is our most popular. Near the end of each workout, I take a count SO YOU CAN TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. The beauty of the speed bag is that it combines CARDIO, HAND-EYE COORDINATION, AND FOCUS into one drill!