OUR FACILITY HAS A BIT OF BOXING HISTORY. In the mid-50's, then director Fr. Edward Kelly, an ex-fighter himself, decided to bring the CYO Boxing program to the basement of the Mercy Home. For the next three decades the CYO produced many a boxing champion, both amateur and pro. In fact, a brash young fighter named CASSIUS CLAY trained down there on occasion. The mirrors still affixed to the walls are the same ones he peered into as he admired "THE GREATEST." It closed in the mid-80's and became a storage space.

In 2003 Fr. James Close and current director Fr. Scott Donahue graciously allowed me to return the space to it's Boxing roots. At the time I was the Organizer/Trainer of the participants in the annual RINGSIDE FOR MERCY'S SAKE, the Home's biggest fundraiser. I needed a centrally located space to better train the fighters. It was a godsend that made my life much easier. It also allowed me to start my own training business. 

A TWENTY FOOT CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING RING takes center stage now. We also have two 150lb heavy bags, three speed bags, a "crazy" bag, as well as a rowing machine. We also have stairs we use when we want to make things interesting.

GLOVES, SKIP ROPES, AND PERSONAL HANDWRAPS ARE PROVIDED, but you are welcome to use your own. We also have two 1100sq ft HEPA air purifiers that maintain a safe training environment. Shower facilities are available.